5 Ways to Jazz Up Plain Clothes

Image result for fringe flapperI found this image online, the dress is currently for sale at ‘cheryl creations’, no I’m not sponsored why would they sponsor me? I have, like, no followers. I do not own this image all rights go to the owner(s).

  1. FRINGE! Lets regress back to when you were a toddler. Now shut your eyes and go baaaaaaack, further, further-stop. It’s the roaring twenties! WW1 ended a few years ago and now the ‘flapper’ style is in. Debutantes are still presented at court at Buckingham Palace and there are still sexist people and opinions, but there is more freedom and girls are wearing shorter skirts, playing jazz, listening to jazz and (gasp) working! Now come back to the 21st century. Fringe. Jazz up a summer t shirt by cutting 1cm-apart vertical strips going roughly an inch up. Make sure to cut an even number and knot them together in pairs use an overhand knot (the normal kind) and double knot each one for a fun bottom to this t shirt. (BEWARE OF TAN LINES)
  2. Sparkles are so much fun! Honestly, I’m not doing that peppy girl lying thin, where they have an advert with sparkles and princesses and girls magically dancing, I’m saying that if you have sequins in a spotlight, I could watch you breathe for hours with the light shimmying over the different ones. (Maybe thats just me-I’m strange) But one of the fun things to do is to rhinestone plain things. Maybe your initials on the front of a white t shirt, a heart on the pockets of some shorts. It’s your decision. (Just be careful not to melt the glue on a hot wash) You can find instructions here. (etc) (I found this link randomly on the internet and it opens in a new window) Just besparkle your life!!!! (Not sure if it’s a word…)
  3. Slashes! Cuts! Rips! I’m talking get out your pinking shears and cut horizontal slashes on the back of a t shirt (don’t cut the front-too much may be visible), trash your jeans by adding rips and-a personal favourite-cut a line from the hem of a t shirt to the neck at the back and add a parallel one. (Vertical) Pin the sides together with large safety pins so that it stays in the t shirt shape with a sexy back. (Pro tip: Use coloured safety pins for a fun touch and silver/gold ones for a bit of bling!)
  4. Chokers are really in right now. You can make a choker out of anything. My personal favourite is from a small length of finger knitting. Other ideas include cutting a couple of inches off a sleeve of an old shirt and wearing it as a choker (Just make sure it’s a stretchy cuff) and bending a thin sheet of metal which doesn’t quite reach all the way around your neck. (The shinier and less battered, the better)
  5. Add a bit of 3D to your wardrobe. If you have a bird design/image, you may want to glue/sew a feather or two onto the bird(s) maybe adding some texture-glitter and fabric coming out of your clothes. Make it really pop!

I think it’s a great idea to make old new and refresh tired clothes-cover up holes and ladders with little extra touches! I hope you enjoy these ideas, let me know in the comments below which are your favourites!

Alice x


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