Crazy Things I’ve Done on My Period

I don’t know about you but when I’m dying of pain with my guts spilling out from between my legs, I turn from a civil girl (evil bitch) into a wolverine who wants to rip everyone’s throat out (an even eviler bitch). So I decided to tell you 3 of the things I’ve done so that you can laugh nervously and lock the door. 

  1. Ok, so when I was about 12, I think it was like my second period or something,I was lying in bed on my phone dealing with the cramps and reading funny period stories so I could laugh at my pain. The phone screen kept rotating because I was lying sideways and I lost it. I whisper-screamed at my phone so that nobody else would hear me, and I literally smacked it. I smacked my phone. I was furious with this little computer in my hand which dared to annoy me during my time of the month. I’m crazy.
  2. A little after the above scenario, I was feeling very moody, I’d got my period and I needed someone to yell at. So crafty (crazy) me, once I’d gone to bed, knocked on my headboard and then yelled to my sister to “Shut up and stop knocking!” That’s right, I was the one knocking. I waited a little while and then started knocking again  and yelling “cut it out!”. I then stopped and did one, hesitant knock, burst out of my room and stormed into my sisters room, berating her for “disturbing my beauty sleep” and “being annoying”. She denied knocking (it was me) so I went back to bed and knocked one more time. “That better not be you!” I yelled. So, just to recapitulate, I knocked on my headboard and then blamed my sister for an excuse to be a bitch and scream at her. I’m batty.
  3. I had a bath on my period when I was like 11/12 ish and then went into my sisters room to annoy her (wearing my dressing gown) she was extremely annoyed because of her exams so she criticised me. My sister has this thing where if you tread on her paper (and notes) it drives her crazy. (I don’t know why she leaves it all on the floor, though) So, because she had been mean to me, I purposely stomped on a sheet of paper she had written on. Deadly silence. I remember, to this day, the look on her face when she turned to face me. She chased me out of her room and I locked myself in the bathroom for about 10 minutes until I was sure she was safely back doing revision. I was scared for my life and she’s the least scary of us 3 siblings (I, the youngest, am apparently the scariest because I’m vicious but I think its my other sister). Ever since, I’ve tried to avoid stepping on her paper.

So, yeah, I can turn into a complete psycho on my period-these aren’t the worst stories! Comment below what you’ve done/someone you know has done on their/your period. (Lets see how sad I am when I get no comments) Bye!

Alice x


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