The Best Playlist

Breaking News: I got into the musical!

I am probably one of the least motivated people on earth-I cannot do exercise. I might want to and I think: If you jog 5k today overall, you can buy that cute purse. (spoiler alert: No purse) Or I might think: If I buy these nice, stylish trainers with cushioned soles and springy sponge padding, I’ll be able to run well and I’ll be more motivated. (spoiler alert: it doesn’t work)

So long ago, I gave up motivation for running and started some more fun exercise… DANCE! Now, I cannot dance-not modern, street, jazz, tap, Charleston, Ballet, whip nay nay, Ballroom or latin, Bollywood, Breakdancing, Electric slide, regular slide, Clog Dance, Conga, Cotillion, Western, Country, Foxtrot, Gigue, Flamenco, Gallop, Hip hop, Gumboot, Harlem Shake, Irish, Ice, Hula, Hornpipe, bellydance, line dance, Lindy hop, Jive, Maypole Dance (Ok, I did a little maypole dancing in primary school), Medieval, Minuet, Sword dancing, Jig, Moonwalk, Quadrille, Pole dance, Rumba, Robot, Rain dance, Waltz, Zumba, Buzz zumba, Salsa, Samba, Traditional, Tambourin, Stiletto, Tribal, or twerking. I can’t do any of them. I can, however, bounce randomly and energetically to music for about an hour until I’m exhausted. I especially like night-cored music because it’s so fast and high-energy. Here’s a list of the best playlist to work out to. (I use the slower songs for my warm up and cool down):

Nightcore songs:

Fight Like a Girl


Black Sea

I’m gonna show you crazy

Like a vampire

Pretty Little Psycho

This Little Girl

Pretty Girl

Sit Still Look Pretty

Run Devil Run


Most girls

Devil on my Shoulder



Do my thing

Miss calculation

Cry wolf

One woman army

Calling all the monsters

So what



Safe and Sound

Voices in my Head

Taylor swift reputation

Shake it off




Bad blood


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