Do Something!

Sometimes I feel as if I need to do something with my life-as if I’m doing nothing to impact the world. I have a dream to become a famous actress and one day be acting in movies with world famous actors/actresses like Margot Robbie, Will Smith, Millie Bobbie Brown, the Sprouse twins etc. It probably won’t happen-but I hope it will. So, because I want it so badly, I auditioned for the school musical (gasp). I can’t sing. Ok, maybe I can, but it sounds like a banshee wailing as she coughs up needles. But I can act and as, in this  musical, you don’t need to sing for most of the parts (I know right, how is this a musical?) I decided to audition and I got through to the call-backs. I did the callbacks earlier today and I’m really hoping I get in. I want to make something of my life and I’m encouraging you to, as well.

(By the way, the link on the word something is a gif and opens a new window)

Alice x


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