My 5 Great Mothers’ Day Surprises

Mothers’ Day is a great day to have lots of fun and be nice to your mum! She deserves it-I mean, she did give birth to you! And raise you. And let’s not forget feeding you-that one’s important! I thought I would document what I did for my mum. Here we go-My Five Great Mothers’ Day Surprises!

  1. The night before I made her a card, I glued on a picture of her, surrounded her with pictures of the things she loves (chocolate, earrings, daffodils) and used a ruler and a pen to draw lots of yellow lines going from her picture to the edges of the card.
  2. After that, I made a video about 5 nice things she’s done for me
  3. I bought her some daffodils
  4. and her favourites…. creme eggs!
  5. The next morning, I made her breakfast in bed and cake bites.


So, yeah, I think I gave my mum a great day! I also played some piano and stayed out of her way when she was cooking. (Essential for both of us) I hope every mother out there has had a great day and all of your children have organised some fun surprises and presents. It’s the least we could do.


Alice x





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