Easy life hacks From a Woman’s Purse

  1. Use a sanitary towel to create a padded back-of-heel in painful high heels.
  2. Use the arms of folded up sunglasses to prop up your phone.
  3. Cut the rubber, elastic edge at the wrist of a disposable glove off for a hair band. (Ok, maybe you don’t carry these around but you should! Nail danger zones!)
  4. Coins (especially 10ps) work really well as screwdrivers to escape from locked bathrooms.
  5. Riding a bike in a skirt? Use a barrette to clip the back and  front of the skirt together in between your legs.
  6. Use a credit card to open locked bathroom doors and school/uni swipe cards for getting around campus to push the locks of broken doors back to open the door easily.
  7. Make a guitar pick out of an old credit card or use your spare pair of socks (preferably cosy ones for the winter) to protect your fingertips.
  8. Use a bobby pin to grip the loose end of a belt and your jeans together.
  9. Use bobby pins, old shopping lists and old receipts (with the return date old) to save your place in books and reserve the end of tape.
  10. Use aloe vera lip salve to smooth back baby hairs and keep in place. (Good for eyebrows)

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