Let’a have a look at the word first. IMPOSsible. A bit like IMPOSing. Maybe that just shows how impossible things are imply imposing threats, looming up on the horizon. They used to believe that it was impossible to teach women to read. Look where we are now! They also used to believe it was impossible for men to aim for the toilet properly. (Ok in some cases that’s right).

Flying: Planes, helicopters, hot air balloons

Space travel: Rockets, moon landings, satellite, that daredevil guy who did a skydive from the very edge of our atmosphere.

Stereotypical character appearances: Have you ever seen hotter psychopath then jared Leto’s joker? I’m just saying.

So you see, the word impossible simply means: I’m afraid of this so I will label it and avoid it.

Or something like that. Believe as many impossible things as you can.

See you awesome readers soon!

Alice x


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