Great Replies to Sexist Idiots 2

I’ve done some replies for sexist idiots before so be prepared for the sequel!

  1. Right, us women should hold our periods in because we can control it. While we’re doing that, why don’t you work on controlling those erections. (Walks off calmly)
  2. You’re right the kitchen is my domain, after all, it contains all the knives. (Ok, don’t say this one to strangers because it can be seen as threatening. It’s more a thing to say to partners if they get a bit rude.
  3. I’m sorry, what was that? I couldn’t hear you over the news reports about TimesUp and #metoo.
  4. Just shut up. Yep, that’s right… I know I’m just a stupid woman, but talking aggressively is not shutting up. Even I know that.
  5. Why can’t boys wear glitter on their faces? The same reason girls arent as strong. The evil tikki gods are manipulating our minds. Well yours anyway, and you can’t argue with my religious beliefs because that is very rude.


Ok, maybe you wouldn’t say all of these but hey, they aren’t for the purpose of use, more for laughs after you’ve been dissed by a sexist idiot.

Alice x


19 thoughts on “Great Replies to Sexist Idiots 2

  1. My favourite response ever to a guy making fun of a girl on her period was one of my friends in high school. She was getting really bad menstrual cramps and was moaning about it quite a lot. This guy who was a complete asshole started mocking her and saying women are so wimpy and men would never complain about pain like that. She just said “Well what do you call this?” and quickly kicked him in the balls. She must have got him really good because this guy was just completely incapacitated and collapsed onto the floor in front of her.
    That’s how you deal with cocky guys.

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      1. Yes, in general I agree and wouldn’t do it either. But if some other girl wants to take that risk with a guy who deserved it, I’m not going to object.
        Besides, when it’s justified, I do think it’s a great feminist statement. It’s effectively women saying to men “we know you guys have the privilege of normally being stronger than us, but this is how easily we can crush your privilege if you misuse it” (I’m sure there must be a low-grade academic paper saying that somewhere)

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      2. Glad we agree. Lol, I’ll be the one who watches and then explains to the guy on the floor. I’m confident my explanation will be greeted with warmth and agreement 🙂

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    1. Jesus, girls. You can’t just go around kicking guys in the balls. That hurts like hell!
      Although that is a pretty good stereotype of what modern feminists are like. So well done on that one.

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      1. Chill, Gary. No-one said we were just gonna go around kicking guys. I was just saying 1 friend did it. Alice is right, it’s mostly for self-defense.
        Although really sexist harassing stuff I think also deserves you getting your balls kicked.

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      2. Probably yeah! Luckily if they really deserve it, most guys just accept it as a something they had coming. I’ve only done it once though, so I can only speak from 1 incident 🙂

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      3. Ha! “Something they had coming” sounds like your interpretation more than theirs Jane. What exactly happened to you in your 1 incident where they “had it coming”?

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      1. Lol that’s a lot of guys in that category. Really though, what do you think the actual line should be where women are allowed to use self-defense against guys? It’s an interesting question that I think feminists need to discuss. Obviously there’s whatever the law happens to be at the moment. But those change over time depending on who we vote for!

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      2. Not sure what you mean? I meant the line in terms of what you were saying earlier. Like how bad should a guy have to behave before we’re allowed to kick him in the balls?

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