Chronic Boredom. Bore-Syndrome. Boring Person Disease. Plain Mind Pox.

Multitasking, Cooking, Gardening, Swimming, Cantonese, Violin, Irish dancing-Nothing seems to work. Hobbies are what keep you from being bored. Unfortunately, if you grow used to doing a hobby you tend to become used to it and it blends into the mundane routine of life. From a bright fuchsia pink to a plain muted-blush.

So how to stop this from happening? This current time is the time of phones, computers, technology and funny cat videos. (The ones of cats thinking cucumbers are snakes are hilarious) Maybe if people kept themselves a bit distanced from their phones, they could do some things for themselves with huge benefits rather than letting a small programmed device tell you everything about everyone. Your phone isn’t going to go onto a news article with a huge red warning saying ‘FAKE NEWS’ is it? And echos don’t tell you before you see articles whether they are correct. This is why people are so dependent on gadgets which constantly feed them false information. Because they haven’t used initiative to check what could potentially be harmful or just plain wrong. Th either day I was sick. Boohoo me, thanks everybody for commenting that. (Just kidding ;))

I kept picking up my phone even though there was no wifi and nothing to do on it. I kept just looking at that home screen and swiping all around for no reason. (I should just use a fidget spinner. Oh well, it’s 2018, I guess I should just throw it out. :()

I don’t really know what the message of this post was. I’m kinda bored. Maybe that’s why. I think it might be that we should be stepping away from screens. Working our brains. Taking over the world. (Oops, well that was my summer plan) So, work out something, like where my mind went. (I think I left it in the Bermuda Triangle)

Alice x



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