Mental Health

Ok, so this week’s post is quite serious. One of the main reasons I started this blog was because I was worried about my mental health. I wanted to ask for help in a way but never felt brave enough to write a post on it. I probably sound really fake, but I think there might be something wrong with me. I came across a blog called ‘the Art Of Chaos’ which drew my attention to mental health issues even more and I felt I had to blog. Maybe I’m trying to reach out for help. I don’t really know. So here goes:

I have been thinking that I might have a mental health disease. As you probably know, I’m still in school so it feels very stressy. The reasons I though there was something wrong included: feeling disconnected from other people, random unexplainable jealousy, constant low moods, constant complaining of aches and pains and a few other things. I tried the mental health America youth screen test. (Because I couldn’t find the uk one online) The website says it’s bit a diagnosis just an indication there might be something wrong. I don’t know if this website is factual or completely untruthful. I took the test anyway and it said I was ‘at risk for emotional, attentional or behavioural difficulties.’

After I found this I texted my friends who all dismissed it. Is it just me? Or could there be an underlying problem I haven’t noticed? I’m worried. Please tell me if you think you know what’s up.

Alice x


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