Black Feminism

I recently discovered that the term ‘feminist’ actually only refers to a white person! And that coloured people should refer to themselves as ‘black feminists’. This shocked me. I have never been so rattled! (Ok maybe when they reduced the amount of chocolate in those Cadbury boxes) I’m not coloured so I’ve never faced anything like what some people face on the daily! That doesn’t mean that I don’t care. Racism and sexism are pressing issues in contemporary society and actually, even if this doesn’t seem that racist, it still confused me. Can’t any person want equality? Isn’t that a human right, tone equal? (I actually don’t know so please tell me in the comments)

Maybe I should use the term ‘womanist’ more often instead. I don’t think it’s right to exclude a race from fighting for what is RIGHT.

Thank you for reading, see you soon!


Alice x


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