The Worst Days

So, your essay is due in but you completely forgot, you need to make a speech but you have a sore throat and it makes you embarrassingly snort in front of everybody. As if that wasn’t bad enough, you’re broke, your tights ladder, you twist your ankle in new high heels and when you go back home to your dog to cry in its fur, you realise you couldn’t afford a dog so you have no pet to cry in. It gets worse. Pictures of you are leaked on the internet and you can’t get them down and then you see somebody unwrap a kitkat and BITE INTO ALL FOUR FINGERS in a YouTube video. Even worse, the mix skittles and smartiesin chocolate, fruit roulette so you create a youtube account, buy a kitkat, proper cell phone on a stack of books and record the PROPER way to eat a kitkat. post the video on your channel and put the link in the comments section and think: Phew! Thank god I’m here to put wrong things right. I had to experience horrors to know what it’s like for those people (With mismatching shoes and purses) who get judged every day. I am the saviour of humanity.


Alice x


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