A lot of people help lots of people daily. But have you ever really thought about it?

Bus drivers, doctors, nurses, surgeons, firemen, police, people who sell tickets for trains when the machine is broken, people who fix the stupid machine, the people who invent the machine, taxi drivers, train drivers, shop volunteers, interns, charity volunteers, librarians, friends, pets, parents/siblings, chefs, waiters, waitresses, etc!

Thank them. Thank them all. Throw your arms in the air, twirl around and yell thank you! I know you’ll look stupid. Just do it. You haven’t done it. Please? No? Ok. (I’ll do it for you)

When you board a bus, smile at the driver. When a fireman rescues your kitten because it doesn’t decide climb a tree and get stuck, no it climbs the Shard!!!!!!!! (Or the Empire State building or some other skyscraper.) Thank them! If somebody holds the door, smile and thank them. (Double whammy). You could really make their day. And then pass the kindness on because if somebody thanks you. You’ve done something right.

Alice x


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