Labels are a good thing. They show you where clothes came from, what things are and show prices long enough to be phone numbers. But, contrariwise, labelling people (specifically women) is a bad idea. It is important to know who you are and to not deny any part of yourself but many stereotypes are shown with metaphorical labels. Gender, race, colour and personality are all assumed on an invisible label. So once in a while, cut that tag off. It may tell you how to wash clothing but you shouldn’t be washing your hands of somebody whom you barely know.

Racism, ageism and sexism are often unconsciously drawn on to categorise people. But people are fruits. They shouldn’t be sorted into citrus, tropical and ‘used in mulled wine’. Or any other way. People live and breathe. They have brains. Hearts. Feelings. So I ask you the most annoying question teachers ask reception kids in the playground. How would you like it? Because the answer is probably no. And right now, somewhere far away, somebody is most likely judging you. Fixing a label on you. So help me cut the tags and either reblog this, like this or try in some other way to draw attention to labelling in your community.

Being labelled is a serious offence. It means you’re human. That you have a personality. And humans deserve to be locked up.

I’m kidding. But please, stop labelling. You can think of yourself in any way you like. But maybe put a positive light on yourself. Who knows. It could spread to other people.

Alice x


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