Best Lipgloss to Buy

Lipstick is often used in a makeup routine but sometimes, lipgloss is needed. Adding less colour and more shine to your lips. Lipgloss is a lifesaver

This spread onto my lips easily and gave them a lovely shimmer. However, I wasn’t sure about the smell and it soon dried giving my lips a weird texture. It came off when I ate and tasted foul. Rating: **

  • L’ORÉAL Xtreme resist ‘you know you love me’ (509)

This was a darker lipgloss and it was VERY sparkly. The smell was ok and none of it came off when I ate. My hair kept getting stuck in it though, which was gross. Rating:****

  • Softening lip balm Black cherry (Boots)

Although this one is a lip balm it has a sheen to it which is very glossy. Therefore, I included it. This one had no colour but it smelt and tasted disgusting. It made my lips shiny but has no added shimmer or sparkle. It found its way straight into my bin because it made me feel sick. Rating:*

I couldn’t find individual names for the colours so I’m evaluating them all together. There is a beautiful range of colours, they are glossy and not too sticky. There is no fragrance or much of a taste and the taste doesn’t matter because it doesn’t come off when you’re eating. Rating: *****

Results: Lip Lustre was my favourite. Click in the seventeen in the title of the product to see the boots review. See you guys soon!!!!

Alice x



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