Good Things About Periods (Parody)

Periods… I’m not talking about punctuation. I’m talking about the nightmare which haunts girls and women alike. Menstruation! Yesterday, Aunt Flo came to visit and I thought, ‘Is there anything good about periods? It’s like, “CONGRATS! Ur not pregnant! Welcome to pain, blood, stains and mood swings!!” I know! I’ll blog about it.’

  1. You’re so pale and washed out your skin looks flawless on snapchat. (Hopefully)
  2. You have an excuse to yell at that annoying friend (not worth it)
  3. With all that blood you don’t need bait outside your shark cage. (Slightly worrying without the cage though)
  4. You finally have a reason to crave chocolate. (But nobody seems to recognise it)
  5. You feel Sh*t. (That’s right theres nothing good about periods)



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