5 Riddles With Simple Answers

(Answers at end)


A) Three identical shops are next to each other. One sells cakes, one sells clothes and one sells shoes. A man is very angry because he wasn’t refunded on some underwear. Unfortunately he can’t tell the shops apart because he is blind so he sets them all on fire. The emergency services are sent for and people dash from the building, screaming madly. The ambulance arrives. Which fire does it extinguish first?

B) Five cows produce five litres of milk in five minutes. How long does it take 20 cows to produce 40 litres of milk?

C) A serial killer kidnaps his victims and forces them to choose a pill. The pills are green and purple. One of them is poisoned and one is harmless. A sugar pill. The victim chooses a pill, the serial killer takes the other, they place them in their mouths and gulp it down with water. Just like an ordinary pill. The victims don’t all take the same colour pills. How does the killer ensure his own safety?

D) You are a police officer who has arrested three people. Bob, Laura and Lukas. They come to a stream. By the stream is a two person police motorboat. They are locked behind a gate to the stream you locked so that they wouldn’t escape. None of the criminals can swim. But, if left alone, Bon will kill Laura and Lukas will kill Bob. How does the detective get them all across the stream?

E) A maid, a butler, a king, a queen and a knave are in a square room.  It’s dark outside and the lights go out. When they come back on, the queen is dead. The detective collects alibis.

The knave says he was speaking to the butler. The butler says he was speaking to the knave. The maid says she was bored of the butler and knave placing bets so was dusting the corners when they were talking and she heard somebody choke. The king says he was eating lunch when the light went out and he choked.

Who did it?


I hope you enjoyed these riddles they are some of my favourites!! The answers are down below. Please comment how many you got right!

A) The ambulance doesn’t extinguish any fires because that’s the fire engine’s job.

B) 10 minutes. Because each cow takes  5 minutes per litre.

C) The water is poisoned, not the tea.

D) Take Bob across and nobody back because Laura and Lukas are ok. Then take Laura across and Bob back. Take Lukas across and nobody back. Finally, take Bob across. They are all unharmed on the other side

E) Although, normally it is the maid, that’s in a circular room. This one is different! The king did it because if it is dark outside then it is not lunchtime. The choking noise was the wife as he killed her.



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