New Years Resolutions

I thought that i would be really original with this post but I couldn’t really differ from the classic clichè of Resolutions. That’s right, capital R!

I think Resolutions are the hardest part of the year. Personally I feel I never really stick to them and if you have to many they get out of hand. However, I want to be the best possible person so I make lots. This year I’m going to tell you some of mine. Please post your own in the comments section below

  • Eat Heathily and Stop Snacking

Why? Because snacking is EXPENSIVE! And really not very sensible. Think about it: you buy snacks, eat them so you have to buy more and then buy a meal which you don’t eat because you’re full. Also, eating unhealthy snacks between meals leads to a build up of fat and ~love Handels~ (Added the squiggly thing for dramatic effect)

  • Stop Being Selfish

Its human nature to want the biggest slice of cake to survive. It’s also human nature to put yourself in front of others. However, this can mean that you are being downright unbearable leading to your sadness and this is all cause by your idiocy. That’s why, after years of being criticised by my sisters, I am trying to stop being a pain-in-the-ass, donkey-face.

  • Start a YouTube channel.

Shoutout to my friend who said I should do this. I’m hoping I actually get round to it and stick to it. You may find some links to YouTube on later blog posts.


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