Best Songs in Reputation

I’ve told you guys before that I am a huge fan of the gutsy, melodious singer. Here are my three favourite songs on the album!

  1. Look What You Made Me Do.               I really couldn’t care less how much people hate it or how ‘sickening’ it was. Those people are HATERS!!!! You don’t have to like it but writing horrible things online. No. I love this song and the witty Easter Eggs in jt such as ‘et tu Brute’ (and you Brutus) a référence to Ancient Rome. Caesar is said to have said this as Brutus, his most trusted friend, stabbed him and teamed up with his enemies.
  2. I Did Something Bad.                             If you have read my profile you may have concluded that I am OBSESSED with badass girls. (Hello, Emily Davison and Amelia Earhart! How u doing Harley Quinn?) so this song literally got me dancing. (Sister: you mean imagining you are a suffragette and basically deafening the neighbours yelling the lyrics. Me: Shhhh)
  3. This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things. Don’t like it? Well, ‘here’s to you, because forgiveness is a nice thing to do. Haha, I can’t even say that with a straight face!!!’ Sorry but this song is MA JAM!!!!!!

So, listen to these three songs for some amazing tunes!!!

Luv u all!!!!!

Alice x



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