Five things to do in the shower

  1. Re-enact movie scenes (or just make up your own). Honestly, you could be  pretending to be Rose letting go of Jack (there was room!!) or you could be Elle Woods having a devistating breakup. (Hilarious but tragic)
  2. Imagine kissing. Haven’t had your first kiss? We’ve all been there (sister: and your still there Alice) But you see, there could be clashing noses, bumped heads, slobber… you have to prepare yourself and be ready to have a dream first kiss.
  3. Plunged your face under the shower water and closed your eyes. It either feels like pebbles and your straight out, it’s too hot and you’re straight out or shampoo gets in you’re eyes and you’re straight out, it happens every time. Why do we do it?!
  4. tried to shampoo/condition/soap without stepping away from the stream of water. Because you will literally do anything to stop that water from missing you. Once it does, you have stepped into invisible snow. Frozen. Shivering. Crack! What was that? Oh, nothing just a large, human popsicle falling over in the bathroom.
  5. Sing. We are not talking opera or pop singing. We are GODDESSES and the shower is our stage. Let’s dhow the invisible crowd how it’s done! (Unfortunately, I lack singing ability and sound more like a caterwauling seagull being choked by plastic. TAKE CARE OF THE ENVIRONMENT)

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