Search These on Google for fun!!


Oh yeah! We are talking the classic, the hilarious… kitties!!!

Some of my favourites include ‘I came, I saw, I complained’ by Grumpy Cat and ‘It’s a booby trap’ (cat stuck in a bra)

I don’t own these memes or the content. Enjoy them though!


For all u single gals out there (excuse me whilst I run up to the roof and raise my hand in the air shouting ‘that’s me!!!!) Go straight onto images. There are even some for those of you who are IN THE SPIRIT!!

WARNING: Some of them are quite rude so be prepared to either roll your eyes at me or faint.


Now. It’s not nice to make fun of other people. But it sure is good for our self esteem!!!! For all those lousy chefs, or people having a bad day, laugh your heart out and point. Bring along a friend, heck with it, bring it to the gym because laughter reduces pain slightly!


My favorites are the ones from ‘look what you mad some do’!






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