It’s Christmas Eve!!!!!

Guess what? That’s right, no need for guessing because I’m so buzzed I put it in the title!!!!!!!


I can’t actually get over it. Anyway, I thought I’d share with you some of the things I am doing today to festivise (is that even a word?!) my life!!!!!

1) baking a Yule log

I literally just follow any online recipe for a chocolate roulade, cover it with buttercream mixed with cocoa powder, make patterns with a fork and dust it with icing sugar

2) Put our my stocking

When I am 85, I can guarantee you I will still put my stocking out! Even if I am a naughty pensioner (quite likely) and I only get coal heck I am going to put out that large sock for more!!!!!!!

3) Ice my Christmas cake

Ok so this year I have bought my Christmas cake from cook and I’m going to coat t with almond icing (marzipan) and (disasterously) follow a random recipe for royal icing. I will then mess it up with a fork and leave it in the fridge. I can literally see how it’s going to look, no matter what I aim for because royal icing is so delicious the cake is going to look much larger than it actually is because I will keep piling it on!!!!!!

To my long list of practically no followers,

please comment below what you do at Christmas (and how to get more followers because clearly, I am failing!)


Alice x


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