Christmas Specials from programmes 2000s kids watched!

I got this off youtube and I don’t own any of this footage.

I think Phineas and verb was an iconic tv programme, first aired in 2007. I love how in the song it says ‘ shovelling snow off the lawn’ and Phineas says ‘well they can’t all be fun’ which for some reason made me really laugh!


That’s so Raven was made in 2003 and honestly, I love the plot of this episode and the hilarious dilemmas caused by one necklace!


See you guys soon! I couldn’t find one for Hannah Montana. Please remember that I do not own any of this footage since I found it off youtube. All rights go to Disney, the creators of That’s so Raven and Phineas and Ferb. Comment below what your favourite 2000’s tv show is!


Alice x


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