How to Feed Birds in the Winter

That magical time of the year when you and your family are stuffed after eating turkey. However, outside it is cold and the little birds in the trees are struggling to survive. Here’s how to help two of them and feed them.

  1. Robins

Make sure to provide reasonably warm water. Robins can’t digest seeds so forget that. Their beaks also can’t crack them open. Instead, mealworms are softer and full of protein. Buy them at a local pet shop. Robins don’t always eat from bird feeders so instead, place some apple slices and blueberries on the ground in different places. Don’t just place them in a heap as birds may fight and if a bird becomes still in one place for a long time it is easier for cats and foxes to prey on them.

2.  Blackbirds

Mini beasts, mini beasts, mini beasts! Like robins, try mealworms for these small omnivores. You can actually feed them dog food as well. I found this here:


Remember: No dry foodstuffs!


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