How to Stop Being Angry at Somebody

If you are anything like me, you probably will have come across some NASTY people in your lifetime. But sometimes, being angry just doesn’t help you. Generally anger is a positive sign, it means that you have feelings and aren’t a complete psychopath. It also means that you are unhappy with what’s going on and that can be a bad sign as it is very important you are happy. (Think: self care)

Sometimes though, this person is unavoidable. Maybe you take the bus with them everyday or have to work with them. In this case, maybe it’s a good idea to try and release your anger so you can stop being annoyed by their smug smile. Here are two ideas.

  1. The Photo Frenzy!

This works when you are really angry at somebody and can’t hold it in. You can always find a photo of them and print it out on normal paper. Write things which annoy you about them in one corner and hold the paper in the other corner. Set fire to one corner and then blow it out immediately. (WARNING: if you don’t blow it out immediately there is a risk you could get burnt or start a fire.) The paper should be browned enough to hide the words and then the frenzy bit comes in. Wet the paper with cold water to cool and partially destroy it. Rip it up and shove it into a bin where you can’t see it. Use your anger energy to do some exercise and try to clear all thoughts of the annoying person out of your mind.

(ok maybe no1 is too far)

2. Forgive and Forget

I find this one is quite hard and can be, for some people, pointless. Why forgive a regular offender? Try to think of positive things about said person. (hard) Then think of ways you annoyed them and were imperfect yourself. (also hard) And try to breath deeply. Close your eyes and remember that hate and anger feed the petty remarks, looks and whatever else the did to you. You don’t want to sink to their level.


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