How to Wrap Like a Reindeer

So Christmas is almost upon us!!!!

Merry Christmas!

Joyeux Noël!

Feliz Navidad!

Appyhay IstmasChray!

So today I decided to teach you to wrap like a reindeer!

This is ideal for small objects and hard to wrap shapes. You will need:

  1. An empty, clean margarine tub with the lid.
  2. Double sided tape. (Or tape stuck in a loop)
  3. Cotton wool
  4. Three long brown pipe cleaners
  5. A red pompom
  6. PVA glue/gluestick 
  7. Brown Parcel Paper
  8. Googley Eyes


  1. Fill the margarine tub with cotton wool and place your gift in the box.
  2. Close the box and wrap it in parcel paper.
  3. Cry because it’s almost impossible.
  4. Pretend you did good job and glue the pompom onto the middle of one of the small faces.
  5. Stick the eyes on above it and cut one of the brown pipe cleaners in half.
  6. Bend the ends of both halves and glue the ends of the pipe cleaners flat onto the reindeer so most of it sticks up. You may want to use tape instead.
  7. Cut half of another pipe cleaner into different lengths. Stick them onto the pipe cleaner halves already on the parcel and bend them outwards.
  8. Use the spare half as a tail.
  9. Cut the last pipe cleaner into four and stick on the legs.
  10. Place it under the tree with a tag!



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