How to find your inner Style Sense

Walk up to your wardrobe and pick out the three brightest outfits you own. Put them on the bed.

Pick out the three darkest.

Mix the brightest together and find the perfect combinations. Do the same for the darkest.

Find some glittery bling, any shiny jewellery will do. Take an item from the best dark outfit and add it to the light. Or, do it the other way around. Try the outfit on and look in the mirror.

What do you like best? What do you least like?

Pick out what you like best and choose some clothes randomly. Keep doing this, e.g. the shiniest, the stripiest, the plainest, the biggest etc.

Choose a light accessory, a dark accessory, a shiny accessory and an OTT accessory.

Mix and match until you have found YOU!

Try out some wacky eyeshadow and a nude, glossy lip or a matte red lip and gold lids.

Whatever you do, make sure you are totally happy. If you’re not, it’s not right.

Remember:Only buy/wear outfits you feel comfortable and happy in!

Alice x


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