Learning a New Language

If you want to be fantastic at a new language or seem so, there are some base words you will always need to know. And, but, with, if  and numbers up to one hundred are some of them. These tools will help.

  • A verb table. Telling you how verb endings differ.
  • A noun table (doing the same)
  • A number chart. (Draw one yourself, pin it up and every day learn 5 or 10 numbers.
  • A language app. Apps like duo lingo will help you become a master of language.

If, however, it’s not in your interests to learn lots and you only want to sound cosmopolitan, here are some phrases/words to interweave in your vocabulary.

  1. Bonjour (Good day) french
  2. avec mes amies (With my friends) french
  3. Buenos tardes (Good afternoon) spanish
  4. c’est la vie (Thats life) french
  5. Es una emergencia! (It’s an emergency) spanish use this when your spanish teacher won’t let you use the bathroom.
  6. Por favor (Please) spanish
  7. si (yes) Italian and spanish

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