How to Organise yourself

  • Any Work, Assignments or chores need to be written down so you can keep track of them.
  • Also, you need to get started on them as soon as possible, don’t ever leave them behind as forgetting will put you in a sticky situation.
  • Pack any work or extra things you need the night before so you aren’t overcrowded in the morning
  • Make sure to have a weekly plan and tick off anything you have already done.
  • Don’t overcrowd yourself with extra-curricular or volunteer activities. It is brilliant to be a good person but there’s only so much one person can do. Asking friends and family to join in and help means you aren’t stretched so much but you are still an important part of your local community.
  • If you have lots of free time and tend to spend it watching tv or otherwise lounging around, try to get some exercise. Join a sports team or set yourself a personal target. The opposite of the last bullet applies and you should consider becoming a volunteer or joining a fun club!

I hope you stay organised and fill your life with the perfect balance of work and play!

See you guys tomorrow!

Alice x


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