Temporary Body Art

Whether you’re on your way to a party or you just want to try out a new look, here are some ways that you can decorate yourself and be the star of the show!

Gold eyeliner

If you have particular design in mind, a hand drawn design can brighten up anything. Here are some good ideas.

  • A heart on your hand. It looks super cute and really glints in the light whenever you move your hand to dance or do anything really!
  • A word on your inner elbow. Love or GOLD! are both quite good and the GOLD! one is quite funny.
  • A ring on your finger. It just looks awesome! And kinda classy in a non classy way. How?!
  • A smiley face on your ankle bone. A painful place to never get a tattoo, for a discreet, more cheerful and less serious idea, this reigns supreme!


Black Eyeliner

More serious and less bold, there are some awesome black eyeliner designs too!

  • On the right side of your neck, Love and on the left side of your neck, Hate. A classic take on the love hate knuckles of a gangsta, this design is for the elegant Gothic gals.
  • A rose on your shoulder. For the artistic of us, this is a beautiful touch.
  • A heart on their cheek. I say no more!


  • Stick gems on instead of eyeliner! Its so glamorous!
  • A gem on the outer corner of each eye. Accenting any cat eye perfectly and adding pizzazz! I love pizzazz!
  • Make a choker out of lots of gems. Just stick them on around your neck its so sparkly!

See you guys tomorrow for cupcake recipes! Bye!

Alice x




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