The best (and worst) 2017 Trends

Ok, lets admit it, it’s been a crazy year! We’ve had all sorts of awesome trends! from pinky peach coloured clothes, wiggle brows (just why?) and fidget spinners, 2017 has been a hype of crazy cool fashion and fun ideas which immediately went viral! Here are some classic examples:

Number one: Fidget Thingies!

From fidget spinners to fidget cubes and even fidget dodecahedrons (I know, its OTT) fidgeting has been a crucial part of this year’s culture! I even have a gold fidget spinner (its quite old though and not in the best condition) But they are the best ever!

Number two: All pink peach!

We’ve all been there, pastel colours especially baby pink were in! I myself bought a brandy Melville cardigan in a cute rose tone.


Even peach makeup like pale lipsticks and soft rosy eyes and cheeks were in!



These are some of my favourite beautiful lip glosses which really bring out a sweet creamy pink tone!

Number three: Matching hair and makeup

So many instagrams have pictures of matching hair and makeup because it really worked. My personal favourites are light lavender ends with a little purple tinted shimmer gloss and lilac eyeshadow with plum winged eyeliner, it looks so sophisticated, but if you’re not the best at eyeliner you can just put a little bit by the tear duct and smudge it slightly into the lilac on the lid for an ombre effect.

So these are some insanely awesome trends! See you tomorrow with tips and ideas for temporary body art!


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