Ways to recycle (And still look chic)


Yesterday’s post was a bit short, sorry. So I’m going to make up for it today!

Here are 5ways to recycle:

  • Festive (and seasonal) garlands.
  1. For these pretty decorations, all you need to do it cut an old piece of paper into 1cm-2cm strips. (If there is writing, tippex it out)
  2. Draw a pretty pattern or colour in the whole strip.
  3. for halloween you could draw pumpkins or for Christmas little fir street or presents. file:///var/folders/gz/xdq0025d6bs_jjhw54039gd00000gn/T/IMG_0461.jpg
  4. Join the two ends of the first strip together with a glue stick and then attach the rest like a chain until you have your preferred length.
  5. Hang it wherever you like


  • Plastic bags

We’ve all had that annoying time when its raining on your new curls or you don’t have a shower cap. You can use hot glue or, if you have more time, a needle and thread.

  1. cut out a large circle from the middle of a bag. Make sure that you get both sides of the bag.
  2. Hot glue, or sew, them together.
  3. Take a piece of stretchy elastic. Wind it around your head snugly and cut it to the right size.
  4. Glue or sew the outline of the bag securely onto the elastic.
  5. Pull on your shower cap/colourful bad hair day prevention device and you are done!
  • Tiny pencils you can’t sharpen any more.

Believe it or not, these have a decorative use!

  1. Take a plain pencil pot and lots of small pencils.
  2. Glue the stubs on with hot glue and leave to dry.
  3. Voila! A perfect pencil pot!
  • Used up pens and old clothes.
  1. Take four used up pens and an old top/skirt/dress.
  2. Cut out the best part of the material and make a square with the pens. Glue the pens together in that shape.
  3. Take the material and stretch it over the square tightly. Tape it to your table with making tape.
  4. Place a heavy item on the fabric and see if the fabric gives. It the item tips, stretch the fabric tighter or glue two more pens in a cross in the middle.
  5. When you are happy, tape it down and poke the nozzle of a glue gun in between the pens and the fabric and fasten securely together.
  6. Now you have a new placemat!


  • Damaged earphones.

Although electrical wires can be quite dangerous, keep them away from electric current and you will be fine!

  1. Cut the plug and the buds off with a sharp pair of scissors. Put a blob of hot glue over each cut to prevent sharp ends.
  2. Cut the wire into three equal sections, (remember to dab each cut with glue).
  3. Plait the sections together and glue the plait into a loop. Pin or glue the loop to your bathroom ceiling over your sink, shower or bath.
  4. Hang your wet flannel over it for convenience so it drips dry into the sink, shower or baths.
  5. Pretty neat, huh?


See you guys tomorrow!




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