What My Blog is About

My about page is very short. VERY short. So this blog post will tell you what to expect. Firstly, I will have news so I will follow the news apps and comment on anything you need to know, I’m open to suggestions but as politics is a widely debated topic I won’t be offering opinion. Life hacks. Recycling. Those two can go together because I love the planet and being environmentally aware! I will post lots of them. As well as this, I am a feminist so you will get a lot of that, book reviews on important books and authors such as Beatrix Potter. I might, maybe in a year or so, start a vlog if this blog gets going well and, of course, my blog will be FILLED with comedy. (Warning, you either laugh at my jokes or laugh at me for finding them funny. Be prepared to do both.) and finally, I will keep tabs on music, informing you of good songs and linking in my own. (No singing, I am a TERRIBLE singer) and some day, I will learn how to put pictures in. Yay! See you soon!


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